LRLS: Feb 2015 [Problem – Ariana Grande]

I’ve made it – a month into the new year without breaking any resolutions. Okay… I’m not a fan of new year resolutions, so I didn’t actually make any – I never do!

Regardless, I find that with each new year comes a feeling that I can’t shake – where everything feels new, fresh and full of possibilities. It’s a clean slate – and I’m fine with that.

Taking that “new” feeling and running with it, this month I’ve gone for a pop artist that I continually hear the name of but haven’t actively listened to – Ariana Grande. As Grande has a lot of tracks out there – it was actually a bit difficult deciding on which one to try… “Problem” ended up sticking in my head the most.


Song Title: Problem
Original Artist: Ariana Grande
GavJazz level applied: moderate