LRLS: Sept 2016 [Say it – Flume (feat. Tove Lo)]

There have been so many good things said about the Netflix series “Stranger Things” – that I had to see what all the fuss was about. I loved it! Aside from the cool storyline with awesome acting, it’s set in 1983 and the soundtrack uses the BEST synth sounds!

I don’t normally search out synth music. Whilst binge-watching this show, I had no option but to listen to the stuff again – and it’s left me with a desire to try out synth sounds again.

Previous synth attempts in the past have not had any success, so nobody outside of my music room has ever heard the results. I persevered this time – had a play around with some settings on my keyboard and ended up with a mostly inoffensive sound that was interesting to work with.

I think this is still classified as “Jazz”… “Electro Lounge” must be a thing already – let’s call it that.


Song Title: Say it
Original Artist: Flume (feat. Tove Lo)
GavJazz level applied: Medium