LRLS: Oct 2016 [Moving On Up – M People]

Here’s a little secret… that almost everyone I know already knows… There are some – *cough* *cough* MANY *cough* – months where I have absolutely no inspiration with new songs to pick to #GavJazz & end up being so grateful for the internet always being there to save me.

This month was not meant to be one of those months. I’d recently had an awesome time working with a wonderful group of people (“Voiceworks Plus”) – who had put in an amazing amount of work produce a one-night-only musical for the community to enjoy. It was called “Sweet Tooth – The Musical” – and it got everyone thinking a bit more about their dental hygiene habits! (Basic storyline = Dentist in a small town is not making enough money & needs to drum up some more business, so sets out to put sugar in the water supply to rot everyone’s teeth!)

Anyway, there were a few new tunes that I’d had to learn for this show, so I thought that I might be able to repurpose one of the numbers to be a GavJazz hit. As it turned out, the songs were already great, I didn’t get any tingly feelings when trying to do something interesting to them, so I was back to square one – trying to find a song for this post.

As always, my number one google search (“top 90’s hits”) came to the rescue yet again! It yielded a new site that I hadn’t noticed before, reminding me of a song I’d long forgotten – “Moving On Up” – M People.


Song Title: Moving On Up
Original Artist: M People
GavJazz level applied: High