LRLS: Nov 2016 [Sunday Morning – Maroon 5]

Gawd. We’re in November. NOVEMBER! Time has absolutely flown by and we’re basically at the end of another year… again!

This past month has been good. I trained for and completed a half-marathon in windy (not to mention rainy) Fremantle. It was a nice Sunday morning, went for a jog, had a bite to eat, then spent the rest of the day in bed as I was EXHAUSTED! In fact, everything was sore as I’d also gone rock-climbing a couple of days prior to the race… so it actually felt like everything hurt!

As usual, I had no idea about what song to try this month. I really wanted to make a specific 90’s hit work, but just couldn’t make it stick… who knows – it might be workshopped for a future month instead?

Interestingly, inspiration for this song came from me trying things in a different order this time – I started drafting up this post before I’d picked a song to try, and hey! “Sunday Morning” sprang to mind. Thanks Maroon 5.


Song Title: Sunday Morning
Original Artist: Maroon 5
GavJazz level applied: High