LRLS: Jan 2017 [Closer – The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey]

Happy New Year friends! The last month of the year is always a bit frantic – time seems to pass strangely. Sometimes it feels like the first half of December is the calm before the storm… time goes slowly – there’s plenty of time to get things organised… you blink and suddenly it’s 3 days before Christmas, the panic has set it… Why didn’t I have half of my friends on my Christmas list? Do we even buy presents for eachother anymore? How do you spell their daughter’s name? Why do all the cool scooters only take weights of up to 45 kilos? Argh!

Then of course, the overwhelming quantities of food available – and why do I seem to think that I need to eat until I feel like I might be pregnant with a food baby?

Luckily, I normally do a run on NYE – which helps me feel like I can get away with the vast amounts of everything that has happened in the last week! This year there was a crazy amount of traffic – it took about 3-4 times longer to get to the run, which meant that I unfortunately missed being part of the race. Instead, I ran by myself and caught up with fellow runners at the finish line.

Anyway, I’ve survived the month of December! I was MUCH more organised with finding and recording a LRLS track – I’ve at least learnt that I don’t want to be scrambling to find a song to record/mix on New Year’s Day!!

Here’s to the start of another great year. Have a listen to what was originally another dance-pop song – enjoy!

Song Title: Closer
Original Artist: The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey
GavJazz level applied: Medium