LRLS: Feb 2017 [Rubber Duckie – Ernie from Sesame Street]

I grew up in Port Hedland, studying classical music (outside of school) under an extremely multi-talented teacher and performer – Jangoo Chapkhana – who is ridiculously talented as a classical AND jazz musician.

My sister was also studying under him, and so we both learnt the melody together to “Rubber Duckie” to perform (sing) it as part of the annual Pilbara Music Festival.

We were about 7 and 11 years old at the time – and to be honest – neither of us were amazing singers as kids – but we could hold a note and were crazy cute! That – in conjunction with being accompanied by jazz pianist extraordinaire Jangoo Chapkhana – we won whatever section we were entered into and received cool trophies which were promptly displayed on our shelves at home.

I think it was because of this great experience that I’ve always had fond memories when I hear/play this song, so couldn’t wipe the smile off my face whilst recording it! Enjoy my take on Rubber Duckie – probably heavily inspired by my childhood music teacher!!

Song Title: Rubber Duckie
Original Artist: Ernie from Sesame Street
GavJazz level applied: Medium