LRLS: Mar 2017 [Drops of Jupiter – Train]

What a month! Managed to move house AND left my day job in the same month! It’s been a pretty hectic month, but I absolutely know I’ll always look back at this month with happiness as it has been the best decision I’ve made.

I now have more time in my life for music – which I’m so excited about. Funnily enough though, there has not been that much time in-between the numerous trips to Ikea, increased meetings for other musical projects I’m currently involved in and catching up with friends that I haven’t been able to see in ages!

This month’s addition didn’t really follow my usual “creative process” of hours and hours of listening to music to decide on a song to attempt – including trying many of them out on the keyboard to see if they “work”… Basically, I just picked this one and made it work for me! Very efficient really!

Enjoy – I don’t feel like I’ve changed it much – it was pretty cool to begin with. It’s just had a little bit of GavJazz polish applied to it!

Song Title: Drops of Jupiter
Original Artist: Train
GavJazz level applied: Low