LRLS: Apr 2017 [Let it go – James Bay]

This month I lunched with a family friend that I haven’t seen in years and had an amazing catch-up. It had us both recounting stories and filling in each-other on what had been happening over the years.

Talking about these great (happy and sad) memories was quite therapeutic – especially when I haven’t thought about some of those memories in a very long time. I was brought up to speed on a first-ever relationship break-up and my heart really went out to them.

Whilst looking for a song to work on this month, I came across this beautiful one from James Bay – “Let it go” – and wish it had been around when I had my first break-up… I would have had it playing LOUDLY on repeat whilst I ugly-cried.

Enjoy – Once again, I didn’t really have to do much to this song – just a dash of GavJazz dust!

Song Title: Let it go
Original Artist: James Bay
GavJazz level applied: Low