LRLS: June 2017 [Chandelier – Sia]

I’ve been working as a pianist for an additional choir since the start of 2017 – and I love them! They go by the name “Tone Deft” (YAY for musical puns!), are a women’s Show Choir based in Perth – and consist of a talented group of people who are a pleasure to perform with.

I’ve got to admit, I was excited when Amanda Johnston (choir Musical Director) pulled out her arrangement of Sia’s “Chandelier” for the choir to learn. It’s an epic song – that I’ve always loved; I had tried it myself in the past – but was never happy enough with what I was doing to it.

I was really looking forward to hearing what Tone Deft would be able to do with Chandelier. They had, unfortunately (for me), planned to perform the song as an a cappella number – so I was only really needed to help teach everyone their parts. While we were in “note learning mode”, I’d add in my own accompaniment so everyone could follow where they were and maintain correct tuning/timing. The piano sounded so good with the vocals that it was quickly decided we HAD to keep the piano part in – I was happy to be officially included in the arrangement!

Recording a GavJazz version was a different experience for me – it was like I’d already done a lot of homework on the song and just had to tweak it a bit more. A very big thank you to Amanda Johnston, who kindly gave me permission to base my version on her arrangement – which I have loved using for the big vocal harmonies.

If you’d like some more info about Tone Deft, check out:

Enjoy – a GavJazz’d Sia ditty!

Song Title: Chandelier
Original Artist: Sia
GavJazz level applied: Medium