LRLS: July 2017 [Brick – Ben Folds Five]

Some time ago – possibly between five and ten years ago, I sat down with my sister and brainstormed a massive list of songs I needed to try covering. Brick, by Ben Folds Five, was on the list! Jump to July, 2017: although I haven’t tried playing the song since it was added to the list, it has been at the back of my mind for a long time.

It can be challenging to decide which song I can make my own without completely mutilating it. Whenever I tackle a song that already contains a signature piano/guitar line, I always have to ask myself a tricky question: “Do I have to do that line too, plus will the song sound more like me without it?”. While I do understand why so many pop songs have an easy/catchy hook, I can’t say that I usually really like listening to (or playing) them.

I think that Brick was one of those songs that I kept leaving on the list – specifically because of its signature piano backing and me not wanting to have to make the decision of how to handle it.

One day, I wonder if I’ll cross paths with any of the original artists whose work I’ve GavJazz’d up – who will then proceed to tell me off for scrapping a melodic line idea that they spent hours/days/weeks honing to fit their song perfectly? Oh well!

Enjoy a GavJazz’d version of Ben Folds Five’s 1997 hit, “Brick” – sans standard piano bit!

Song Title: Brick
Original Artist: Ben Folds Five
GavJazz level applied: Medium