LRLS: August 2017 [Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland]

As a kid, I always wanted to be able to play “Over the Rainbow” and was very excited when I taught myself how to play it. I’ve now been playing it for many years – and been lucky enough to perform it at a few different public events just this year – I never grow tired of it.

It should be said that my arrangement has continually been tweaked over the years – even in the process of recording it for this series. (Chords have appeared that I had no idea were in me – and I love most of them!)

I originally had plans to record a different song for this month, but have recently been pulled in a different direction. On 27 July 2017, a large portion of the Perth music community and I came together to say goodbye to a talented musician/entrepreneur/academic (among other things). Speeches were interspersed with beautiful music – Eva Cassidy’s version of “Over the Rainbow” was played after the last one… It’s been stuck with me since then.

Enjoy a GavJazz’d version of that song from “The Wizard of Oz”. I have recorded it as a tribute and thank-you to Graham Wood – someone whom I have respected and appreciated for a long time.

Song Title: Over the Rainbow
Original Artist: Judy Garland
GavJazz level applied: Low