LRLS: October 2017 [Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison]

It’s been a great month! Between an end of term performance for Voiceworks, a big performance for VoiceworksPLUS, a two night show for Tone Deft Choir, a live radio performance with Madeline Delia Crofts and further preparation for the fundraiser performance at the Ellington Jazz Club (which happened today)… it’s been a great month!

Today’s performance was an amazing project to be involved in. It consisted of a huge number of talented performers who had donated their time and skills to put on a concert to raise funds for Beyond Blue.

I’m always fascinated when I work with music theatre artists – they really know how to have a great time while achieving a lot! I was given the opportunity to arrange a previous Lounge-Room Lounge-Series creation (TLC’s “No Scrubs”) for a full band – which was also a good experience for me – definitely something I should do more of!

We really put on an amazing show. I’m so lucky to have been able to work with such an array of artists in one day. I’m definitely interested to see what other things come out of this talented group.

There is absolutely no segue to lead into how this month’s LRLS song was picked – all I can say is that I was once again quite surprised to find that it was “only” released in 1996. I thought it was an early 90’s hit… if not late 80’s… I stand corrected – as always.

Enjoy a GavJazz’d version of a Mark Morrison hit you might have forgotten about.

Song Title: Return of the Mack
Original Artist: Mark Morrison
GavJazz level applied: High