LRLS: November 2017 [Sorry – Justin Bieber]

I was recently made aware of a novice triathlon training course that coaches newbies to train for and complete their first triathlon. I was intrigued. Triathlons have always been on my list of things to attempt, but I’ve always been scared to try. The timing of the course tied in well with another fitness-related goal I had set myself – to be *HAWT* by Feb 2018. Side note: I have a massive secret that I’m absolutely DYING to share with everyone but need to wait for a little bit longer to release the news… argh! E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G news will be announced in the near future!

Yep, I signed myself up. Triathlon training started last month, with my first race happening later this month. I’m definitely feeling excited and scared at the same time about doing this.

My usual excuses for not doing a tri were:
1) I can’t swim,
2) I don’t have a bike, and
3) I am too busy.

Over the last 6 or 7 years I’ve actively taught myself to swim by going to a pool on a Monday night. Basically, I’ve watched what other people do in the water, imitating their motions whilst simultaneously trying not to drown. Just like my running technique, I started out with a slow-pace-short-distance and then gradually increased. *Disclaimer* I am not a good swimmer… but I don’t feel like I’m exhausted after swimming a single lap anymore!

My second excuse (no bike) was quashed by putting a call out to friends, asking if anyone had a spare bike I could borrow for a few months. *Voila* – a bike was made available to me and I am very grateful – really don’t want to return it after the race is done!

The third excuse of not having time instantly disappeared when I left my long-term day job a year ago to focus on my music – I was out of excuses and knew that this was something I had to do.

I’ll be honest, I’m absolutely  aching right now. Training only started a week ago, though I have gone from doing exercise once or twice a week to doing exercise once or twice a day. It’s taken me a bit of getting used to, plus the morning sessions have been at ridiculous-early times when everyone should be sleeping not sweating. Is #sleepingnotsweating a thing?

Whilst doing my swimming training, my (awesome) waterproof headphones have been playing me the COOLEST version of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” I’ve ever heard. It prompted me to question one of my past song-choices with regard to the Lounge-Room Lounge-Series as I’ve never repeated an artist twice. Faced with a bit of a grey area, I wondered what to do in the case of a song that featured multiple artists – do I stop myself from doing a song by either of those artists?

Back in January 2014, I covered the Biebster for the first time in a song originally featuring another artist, Nicki Minaj in “Beauty and a Beat”. As you can tell, this fatigued wannabe-triathlete went for the more accepting approach of: “Yaassss! You can totally do it!”

Enjoy a GavJazz’d version of a Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” – while my body’s been feeling a little sorry for itself too!

Song Title: Sorry
Original Artist: Justin Bieber
GavJazz level applied: High